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Why are magic mushrooms convenient to grow in your home?

Magic Mushrooms Grow In Your Home

What are magic mushrooms and why are they convenient to grow them yourself?

Psilocybin mushrooms or “magic mushrooms”, is a type of mushroom that causes hallucinations.  Although these mushrooms have been around for a while, they’re becoming more popular since more regions are legalizing them. People are also turning to microdosing as a way to cope with their mental health. On that premise, it is convenient to actually grow shrooms in your own home. By controlling the way they grow with little to no work is suitable for people who desire only some maintenance, and a small investment.

  • Controlling the way they grow 

Without the worry of outside factors affecting the mushrooms, growing in your home is safer and more efficient. Instead of taking another step of outsourcing from another person or trying to find shrooms on your own, you save time and energy when you could have them at your disposal.

There are factors to be concerned about when you receive shrooms from other people or try to harvest them yourself from the wild. Magic mushrooms and some poisonous mushrooms are similar in appearance. Obtaining the wrong mushroom can pose a potential risk to your health and even death. Sure, there are trustworthy people who grow them themselves, and people who are considered experienced and experts on the matter, but why not grow them yourself? Cut out the middleman.

Even still, if you do procure the correct magic shrooms, you face the risk of them potentially being contaminated. This includes, but not limited to bacteria, other fungi, and bugs.  No one needs their mushrooms impure by a foreign substance of any sorts. Lowering your risks of faulty shrooms is possible when growing them yourself, where you can control the situation. In your home is a safe and convenient option rather than engaging in a third party or finding them in an unknown forest.

  • Minimal effort

Growing mushrooms is not a difficult task to accomplish. Compared to plants, it may be the easiest thing you could grow with a little research, a small space, a few items, and monitoring. You could be on your way to have a convenient magic mushroom lab.           

Since a mushroom is a fungus, growing them is unlike growing plants. Typically, plants need oxygen, sunlight, and water. With mushrooms, there are slight differences with the procedure of cultivating and harvesting, and found easier to produce than plants.

  • Little to no investment and potential profit

Growing mushrooms in your own home is relatively cheap and takes little to no money. You may have half of the items needed to start the process of mushroom making. Expect little to no investment when considering having your own shrooms in your home. Depending on the brand of the items, stores you go to, and what you have or don’t have, the whole process could be rather cheap and even profitable. Depending on the region, or country you live in, producing your mushrooms and selling them can be successful as a second income, a side gig or even make a business out of it.

  • Convenience

There are plenty of reasons why people consider ”DIY” or Do It Yourself, and growing your own fungus is no exception.  Whether you are a complete newbie to magic mushrooms, or weighing out the pros and cons of growing them yourself, you can bet on the convenience of self producing them. From complete control, and a manageable system, you will find success and many benefits from your homegrown fungus.

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  1. Ben

    Do you sell the spores?

  2. Deborah Bonney

    Easier way to access mushies and know exactly what you are getting is good mushrooms.

  3. Alexander MacGregor

    This is all very handy information guys thank you

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