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What’s the best way to store CBD oil?

Way To Store CBD Oil

What do you do first when you buy something precious and fragile? If you’re like us, you will likely be looking for the perfect storage space. The world is cruel and, ultimately, things can break over time when exposed to the elements. People have no problem taking care of their jewellery and antiques, but we do believe that CBD oil consumers should exercise the same caution with their new bottles.


Given the potential for loss, it is good to know exactly what threats your CBD oil is facing.


First, if your CBD oil is regularly exposed to light, its effectiveness may decrease over time. In fact, researchers have shown us that light is the greatest threat to cannabinoids (including CBD). Since most CBD oil companies are aware of this, they use tinted bottles to ensure minimal exposure to light regardless of the storage location. However, you should take additional protective measures. Make sure you keep your oil away from direct light.

  • HEAT

After all, heat can become an issue and ruin the quality of your CBD oil if you’re not careful. Instead of directly affecting CBD, heat manipulates certain minerals in the oil and then changes the cannabinoids. As a result, the oil could look muddy. Therefore, keep your CBD oil away from heaters or windows in the house.


Knowing what to avoid is one thing; knowing how to avoid the other. However, don’t think too much about it as you probably already have the perfect place to store your CBD oil.


No draft? Check! No heat source nearby? Unless you’re in the kitchen, that’s almost guaranteed to be the case. No light? Just don’t plug a lamp there and you’ll be fine!

Yes, instead of suggesting a fancy CBD safe, we just recommend putting your oil in a cool, dark, and dry cupboard. If you have one in your bedroom or living room, that would be great. Even if you plan to keep your CBD oil in the kitchen, the only thing you should do is make sure it’s intact by keeping it away from the oven or toaster as much as possible. Just don’t choose a place next to or directly above/below these devices.


What’s the coolest closet in your room? Exactly, the refrigerator. There is no incidence of light there (when it is closed), it is airtight and heat is definitely not a problem! As long as you only store your CBD oil there for a week or two straight, the refrigerator is by far the best choice.

CBD oil can take on a strange consistency when it cools, but as soon as the warm water runs over the bottle this “problem” should be resolved. This is due to the oil and not the CBD, so you can be sure that its quality will be retained. For example, if you store regular olive oil in the refrigerator, you will find the same thing happening.


So far we’ve talked about how to maintain the quality of your CBD oil, but how long can it be kept now? In other words, is there an expiration date?

As with any other product that contains oil, yes. However, this won’t be very soon after your purchase, so you have some leeway. However, neither speculation nor estimates are required! Every reputable CBD company, such as Cibdol , has a best-before / expiry date on their bottles.


Given what we told you earlier about the refrigerator, you may be wondering if the freezer is a good place to store your CBD oil. Technically, yes! If you want to store your CBD oil for longer than a month, the freezer is the best choice. That being said, there is no guarantee of how well your oil will hold up in this environment. Not all CBD oils have the same ingredients and do not react in the same way to the freezing process. Some will thaw well, while others may no longer be usable after freezing.

If you have any doubts about a particular CBD product, you should contact the manufacturer! If you want to freeze your product, the manufacturer will best know how it reacts to it. However, if you are not lucky here, you should be able to find your answer in the customer reviews.


Then what about storing your other CBD products? Do they all require the same care? Well, certain products such as edibles or topicals are less sensitive to the threats we’ve discussed, but are still vulnerable. We therefore recommend that you make similar considerations in this regard. Maybe you can provide a specific cabinet for your CBD products! Be sure to keep them away from heat, light, and air. Your body and your wallet will thank you!

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