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Full Spectrum CBD
Full-spectrum means that the product contains an extract with CBD and many other cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant. This type of product typically contains high levels of CBD, lower levels of smaller cannabinoids and only traces of THC. Full-spectrum products are considered to be more effective than products containing only CBD isolate. However, let’s delve deeper into the understanding of full-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate

The easiest way to explain what full spectrum means is to compare it with other CBD types. Last week we talked about CBD isolate and explained that CBD isolate a pure crystalline powder containing only the CBD molecule isolated from hemp (cannabis).

Now let’s move on to broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum means that the product contains many other compounds from the cannabis plant. These include cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. However, broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC.

The main difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD is that broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC. Full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds found in cannabis, including very small traces of THC.

But wait, does that mean that full-spectrum CBD will get me high? The answer is NO. Legally, CBD can only be produced and sold from hemp, not cannabis. Hemp plants contain less than 0.2% THC. This is only a small amount of THC and does not cause any psychoactive effects.

Most importantly, whatever form of CBD you choose, it is safe to use. The only difference is what other compounds you want to include in your CBD products.

What is in full-spectrum CBD oil?

To give you an idea of what you’re getting when you buy a full-spectrum CBD oil, here are some of the compounds:

  • Cannabinoids

Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids. CBC and CBN can also be found in many products as they can also be beneficial.

  • Terpenes

Terpenes are a group of volatile hydrocarbon compounds produced in the cannabis plant. They are the compounds that give cannabis its characteristic aroma and smell and have been used by humans for thousands of years in aromatherapy.

  • Flavonoids

The cannabis plant contains around 20 different flavonoids. They are found in almost all fruits and vegetables. They are responsible for the bright colours of the plants and can also have positive effects.

Why did you decide to buy full spectrum CBD?

Let’s find out what else you get when you buy full-spectrum CBD. Basically, full-spectrum CBD makes the most of the so-called “entourage” effect, which means that all the compounds in the cannabis plant work together.

You can’t take advantage of the complex effects when you choose a CBD isolate. The CBD isolate has been stripped of its nutritional value to produce the purest form of CBD.

Think of the entourage effect as the synergy that occurs when two or more components work together to achieve something that cannot be achieved with just one. It is the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


The decision to try full-spectrum CBD may depend on whether you want to experience the accompanying effects. If you are concerned that traces of THC may affect you, we recommend that you try broad-spectrum CBD. You should always buy from transparent, lab-tested and law-abiding brands that make CBD products.

All of our CBD drops are full-spectrum because we believe that leverage is the most powerful in the CBD industry. We constantly monitor for traces of THC and can guarantee that you’ll find only the lowest THC content. If you’re still not convinced, we offer CBD isolates, broad-spectrum CBD and other products for you to try.

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