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Big Bud Feminised Seeds

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Big bud is a world famous strain known for it high yields that is easy to grow hydroponically with delicious results. Big Bud loves fertilizers, and it’s one of the few strains that tastes great grown in hydro.


Big Bud Feminised was created to just be massive with very little leafs. You’ll end up with a huge cola of trichomes bending over at harvest.

While it’s a potent strain, its ride is smooth sailing, happy, relaxed and you can really focus in on music. A great nightcap and helpful for those with troubles sleeping.

She’s a mostly Indica Hybrid, coming in at 85% that stays mostly short with a short flowering period.

Getting good hydro seeds for sale in Australia is not an easy task. This is because good quality hydro seeds can be quite difficult to find. The big bud is an extremely famous strain. This is because of its high yield. It can also be grown hydroponically to give amazing results. Big buds love to grow in the presence of fertilizers. It is one of those strains which gives a great taste even when it is grown in water.

These big buds were created to be massive plants with very little leaves. We are one of the reputed sells of big bud seed. We have big bud seeds available for sale at our online store. The seeds are of extremely good quality and will give you extraordinary results.

1 review for Big Bud Feminised Seeds



    G’Day, I ordered these and they arrived by my local Postie. All 100% germed and harvested better yeilds than posted/ I will be growing this strain again, and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction of either cutting or seeds of salvia

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