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Just like humans, pets have chronic diseases for which conventional treatments and therapies do not work. Various scientific and anecdotal studies are known about the positive effects of using medical marijuana as an alternative therapy on patients. But is it possible to apply the same kind of therapy to pets?

Veterinary Medicine by Dr. Silver for Treating Sick Pets

Dr. Silver has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1982. After practicing conventional medicine for several years, he began to feel hopeless when he received patients who were not responding to traditional treatments. He was looking for unconventional ways to save my patients.

Around 1987, he began his adventure into holistic medicine, intending to find alternative healing methods completely different from mainstream medicine.

His patients questioned the use of cannabis products to relieve their pets’ pain, a question that fueled his interest in learning as much as he could about the properties and potential of cannabis.

In an attempt to explore this subject further, Dr. Silver met with various herbalists and studied the properties of different medicinal herbs to create his own.

At first, the products were indeed for Dr. Silver’s use only, but he wanted to share them with others after testing their effectiveness. In 2015, Dr. Silver published a book called “Medical Marijuana & Your Pet. The Definitive Guide. The Definitive Guide” to inform pet owners about the benefits and problems of using marijuana to treat their pets’ ailments.

The use of medical marijuana to treat pets.

According to Dr. Silver, many people have expressed interest in using medical marijuana for their pets. CBD is especially suitable for pets suffering from painful diseases such as cancer and epilepsy.

Many pet owners who have administered this plant to their pets report having good experiences and are interested in learning more about its use.

Paradox: In Colorado, it is currently legal to prescribe medical marijuana to human patients but not pets. Therefore, veterinarians cannot prescribe tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the main components of cannabis, known as a psychotropic drug.

However, pet owners are not without risks, such as giving products like cannabis brownies to their dogs and cats. Unfortunately, they underestimate the risks; the high THC content and the fact that these cookies are usually made of chookie make them dangerous for pets.

Are there any alternatives to traditional marijuana?

Since traditional marijuana can be harmful to pets and many states have not legalized the sale of marijuana products to pets, another solution is needed.

An alternative to Aceite de CBD Sativida cannabis would be hemp, which contains bloody little THC, is not psychotropic, and is high in cannabidiol (CBD).

This substance, unlike traditional cannabis, is available legally in the United States. Some companies are exploring ways to extract hemp for industrial use and make products such as CBD oil.

In conclusion, many reports from veterinarians and pet owners claim that medical marijuana is effective in treating pets. But at the same time, more research is needed to fully explore and utilize the medical benefits of this substance.

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