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How to Grow Magic Mushrooms in Australia?

Magic mushrooms such as blue meanie mushroom and gold top mushies are locally found in Australia. Or you can also look for their seeds in the seed banks in Australia. They are determined on the edges of paths in woodlands and forest areas with wood shavings; manure used in garden and lawn beds and tall grass in which there is a lot of small branches and leaf particles; additionally, close to waterways wherein there is a lot of fallen branch particles and wood chips on the earth.

Steps to grow magic mushrooms in Australia

  • Utilize the 1-liter box of plastic, fill it up ¾ full with wooden chips.

  • Make full the 1-liter box of plastic (which is full of wooden chips) to the pinnacle with boiling water. And leave this for about 12 hours to chill as soon as cooled, throw away the left water.

  • Now,cleaning your fingers, add the substance of the mycelium box to the plastic sheet. Split the mycelium aside with the help of your fingers by slowly squeezing it in the cloth.

  • Lightly spread the mycelium into the 1-liter field that has the soft timber chips. Vacant all the substances of the plastic sheet utilizing a washed fork at home, frivolously blend the timber chips with mycelium.

  • As soon as flippantly blend, cowl the wood chips with a sheet of wet cardboard. Cover the lid of the box slightly on the pinnacle. It is essential that there may be air on the mycelium to domesticate. The cap works as a physical limitation for security from strange objects.

  • Vacate the box in a dust-loose area for a month. Make sure the storage location is smooth and unfastened from any outside resources of warmness and brightness. The signs of complete vaccination may be the combination of timber chips and mycelium blending thoroughly into white. It is now geared up to get positioned outdoors.

  • Place the rest of your bag of 10-liter wood chips into the large bucket. Once more, fill it ¾ complete and merge the wooden chips in hot boiling water. Let it cool for 12 hours, then throw away the water.

  • Add the medium-sized box along with moist wooden chips from the bucket and the inoculated timber chips out of 1-litre field. Mix these two with a smooth house fork, making sure they’re lightly allotted.

  • Bury the box and upload a mild layer of wet soil over it (kind of 1cm deep) to boom your possibilities of a successful flush. Ensure the cardboard is buried someplace out of daylight.


The mushroom spot has been covered from the snow and supplied with sufficient moisture to develop. Now, only harvesting is the thing remaining. For holding the concept of growing magic mushrooms as easy as viable, it is advisable to select the mushrooms as quickly as they may be mature. To complete the process, pull them out of the ground with the help of your hands. This task may be finished with the usage of your forefinger and thumb, providing a grip to the rear and pulling in an upward direction.
How to Grow Magic Mushrooms in Australia

Cultivation and harvest of magic mushrooms commonly start in November, completing all of the ways via till the first frosts hit. However, if conditions are beneficial, you must be able to fully harvest the spot two or three instances inside this timeline.

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