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Fake Cannabis Kills

A fake Cannabis called Sinsense has been for sale in Australia and after the death of two Queensland natives for using synthetic cannabis, Sinsense has been declared by police to be “exceptional danger to humans”

There are very highly toxic chemicals used in the manufactoring of synthetic cannabis, and you don’t know the percentage of each dangerous substance in each as dose, as they are not consistent.

Using names like Devil’s Harvest and Black Cherry, Sinsence sold for about $70.00 for 3 grams.

The police currently have the product in evidence and a complete analysis for illegal substances will be available in about a few weeks.

“The entire point of using Cannabis is to not have to use synthetic chemicals, and most stoners that grow their own, choose to do so organically. You have to be careful what you put into your body” says Owen, “that’s why you’ll meet many stoners that don’t consume alcohol or chemical drugs or even aspirin, it’s poison. But cannabis is natural. Young kids are easily fooled by marketing and we need the police and goverment to shut down products like Sinsence and protect our youth.”

Thank you Adelaide police and the State Government for cracking down on Fake drugs.


8 comments on “Fake Cannabis Kills
  1. Lilly

    my teenage son purchased some cannabis that was sifted to use the THC for hash, they then added crushed glass to make it look like the THC was still there. to continue, my son inhaled 1/4 ounce of glass laced bud, his lungs bled, and still bleed to this day, 3 years later. it’s worse than asbestos.

  2. AussieTeacher

    We really need to educate our children, why are they so addicted to chemical food? It taste likes garbage, makes them so hungry because they’re eating empty calories. This television market must come to a stop. We need to teach about the health benefits? I feel like a retard, its not a benefit to eat healthy, we should have the selection of garbage offered on the shelves. Health should be a right not a benefit. The same for cannabis. It’s healthy and it should be natural. It’s healthy for our mind and our body and their seeds are nutrient dense, we should all eat more and smoke more 100% Organic Australian Grown Cannabis!!!! It all starts with you.

  3. Mary Jenkins

    such a bloody shame dealers risk the lives of our children for profits. It just goes to show you that you should only put into body only that which you know where it came. The simple solution is to grow your own food and your own cannabis organically mates!

    • admin

      Well put.

      Cannabis is being laced with all sorts of dangerous things these days, even broken fine ground glass to make it look like the THC wasn’t removed. It used to be a danger to your life to consume hard drugs like cocaine because you never knew what chemicals they were cut with, x-tacy was cut with rat poisoning that killed people as well, and everyone was scared of “hard” drugs because you can die. No one was scared of soft drugs like cannabis, but it was natural, a plant, no chemicals right? But now you can’t trust the dealers or thier suppliers, so it’s no longer safe unless you grow your own herb.

  4. Shameless in Perth

    I just watched the latest episode of Shameless, Kevin was dealing weed with Lip out of the college dorms, Kevin didn’t know he was selling synthetic weed laced with all kinds of terrible crap. Many partakers were walking into walls, having seizures and one kid jumped out of a window thinking her could fly, these side effects were all based on real reactions recorded at an Australian Hospital in 2013. Don’t smoke purchased cannabis, grow your own and grow organic, don’t put anything into your body if you don’t know how it was grown. Don’t eat food products from China either. All those toxins from growing in toxic soil, over fertilisation which causes cancer. take the effort and grow yourself.

    • admin

      Some shaddy dealers even sift all the thc from the buds, then they add crushed glass to make it look like the bud had THC. Smoking crushed glass can kill you by damaging your lungs beyond repair. Always grow your own and be safe!

  5. Jon Hammer

    All you need to do is grow your own cannabis so you know what is in, just like the food we eat. Do you really want to buy your food from China grown on toxic heavy metals that absorbe in the food they grow? If you want cannabis made right, make sure you grow it yourself. Why would you buy chemically made crap from a store. Lets all educated our youth.

    • Andrew S

      Do people know what cannabis is?

      Encouraging our youth to grow there own isnt very clever and if caught would be subject to criminal which would result in a life long and life changing conviction.

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