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CBD Oil Cancer Cure

They is so many people curing their cancer using CBD oil, and many people now want to grow their own cannabis to make their own cancer cure. The most commonly asked question is which strain do I use to make my cancer curing oil? The answer is Supercharged Silver Haze Feminized


It’s a high CBD Sativa dominate strain which is also very high in THC. A rare combination that can do magic for curing all types of cancer.

35 comments on “CBD Oil Cancer Cure
  1. Jason

    Hi. Which seed do i use with the highest cbd and lowest thc. Thanks

  2. Scorpion

    Hi Admin
    What is the way to get cannabis oil asap for cancer. Will be greatful if someone guide me .thanks

  3. Trenton

    I did so much research before buying my seeds here, you guys are the only legit seedbank for Aussies to purchase, thanks for delivering my order to NSW, all seeds were grown up into fine female plants (feminized seeds)

    • dan

      What would be the best way to grow this strain hydro or natural bush grow?

      • admin

        It grow’s well both in and outdoors, the height is controlled in our selective breeding, so indoor growers don’t have a grow room get out of control hight wise. The choice is yours.

  4. CBD Oil works

    When you use the proper strain like supercharged silver haze, the CBD oil will work to cure cancer, but other strains won’t do, you need the proper CBD/THC ratio’s, so don’t waste your time, only grow organically and your oil will cure and make miracles. I almost lost my son to cancer. God bless.

  5. shefia

    Hiya , Can i buy the cannabis oil for cancer treatment (NHL)? anywhere in Australia. I dont have time to grow it. Can anyone please help.

  6. Muhammadd

    I want Rainbow Kush for my freebies next order, can you do this so that I will order from you again?

  7. Doreth M.

    My purchase order was redirected to my new address efficiently, thanks for being so helpful with no time to work with.

    • admin

      If you need to make any changes to your order, please do so immediately to help things move smoothly. We do ourt best to go the extra mile.

  8. Cliffster

    made some cbd oil from your supercharged silver haze strain, it took away my 2nd stage skin cancer

  9. marilyn

    I to have two friends with cancer each has not even a year to live, one has a lil boy 6 is having chemo and radio. I used to grow from clones Im in melbourne but being an older person I dont have any one to get the clones off now as my guy passed away in car accident!I have tried to grow it brought about 40 to 50 seeds online from canada and australia lost the lot can germinate it get it to about three inches then thats it, I think I got some big bud of you also.Is there anywhere I can get just one cutting I can grow one plant then clone from that to make CBD oil for the girls cheers marilyn

  10. BERT W.

    Thanks so much for providing us with supercharged silver haze feminized seeds for making CBD Oils medication that’s successfully cured my wife breast cancer.

    She was suffering for six years. She tried Chemo and radiation and surgery, after so much time and money being spent on several treatment plans with no results other than terrible side-effects, her breast cancer which later spread to other parts of her body.

    We wanted a more natural cure because chemo and radiation just poisioned her body. We heard about CBD Oil 9 months ago, after which I purchased your seeds and made CBD Oil medication about 4 months ago. And we have results, her tumors all shrunk at first and disappeared. Seven lymph node biopsies just all came back cancer free, amazing and as you can imagine we are very blessed and happy to beat this battle.

  11. Tracey Whitehead

    CBD Oil makes miracles happen, it saved my cousins life from terrible skin cancer

  12. lyndy

    Will cbd oil without thc still work on cancer cells, need help with lung cancer

  13. mary jane smith

    I am suffering with pancreatic cancer, i can’t take any more chemo, it’s killing me more quickly than the cancer. Please help, i have so much nerve pain caused from the chemo treatments, more like torturements.

  14. Burt

    Will this treatment cure cancer in lymphnodes?

  15. Elisia

    Watch this youtube video, it’s very helpful understanding how cannabis vanishes cancer. Do a youtube search for a PBS documentary “The Science of Cannabis” and it will easily be found.

  16. George G.

    My gear arrived in my post and your stealth shipping was brilliant. I’m using your supercharged silver haze strain to make my own CBD Oil to cure my wife’s cancer. My question is, what can I do with the 20 AK seeds you sent me as freebies? I only want to grow to make my own organic CBD Oil, I don’t want to buy it because I wouldn’t know how it was manufactured.

    Thank you,


  17. Karmel Solair

    I have Rheumatoid arthritis auto immune problem. At 63 am dying from it (in a wheelchair now)and the current pharma drugs for it. Lost half lung to infection on a deadly cancer/rheumatoid drug. Current shit is giving me great bruises more aches and pains and lowering my eye sight. The biologics for rheumatoid would kill me as I have no immune system left.

    What would be best – oil if so which one (I believe it is the CBD that’s stops rheumatoid inflammation). What plant should I grow for me for pain and the inflammation


  18. nena

    my mrs is stage 4 breast cancer
    i was wondering where in can get hash oil for her cancer ?
    ive been quoted $1300 australian dollars

  19. Heather O.

    Yes it works, i applied my homemade supercharged silver haze oil to my skin cancer on my upper chest, and it slowly disappeared and is gone. So happy I found a cure and didn;t have to go through chemo. CBD oil is a live saver for skin cancer treatment.

    • admin

      It’s a shame how the parmaceutical industry tries to hide just how wonderful CBD oil is to treat many forms of cancer. And you’re correct, it’s Supercharged Silver haze that is the best for making your own CBD Cancer Cure Oil. I’ll have to correct it from Super Silver to Supercharged Silver on the image.

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