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  1. What freebies did everyone get

    • Rainbow kush on one order, carameliscous feminised on my latest

    • I just bought thier promo that’s ending soon it was Limoncello Haze Feminized Double Up Deal Double and it came with free Chronic Feminised seeds, delivery was quick too, within the week to Cairns.

  2. How long is shipping to New Zealand?

  3. The Australian seed bank delivered to me quickly, in less than a week from time of order until I got them. I didn’t have to sign anything, my postie came during the day and they were waiting for me in my postbox when I got home after work.

  4. Do I have to show i.d or sign for it from my end on deliverey? Also can I clone off my feminised seed and still get feminised ?

    • I didn’t sign for mine when it came in mid-october of this year.

      If you clone the plants grown from a female seed, that would mean that you grew a female plant and cloning that would mean your clones are all females mate.

  5. What is auto fem mean

  6. Hi
    Read though almost all qa but still not sure which product should I pick

    Live in bris so will be warm almost all year
    Can you please recommend products for
    1.lower back pain
    2.able to make CBD oil
    3.easy to grow indoor ( garage )and keep supply to make cbd oil

    Should I buy feminized or normal or auto flowering or ?

    Appreciate your help


    • I bought their supercharged silver haze, it was for making CBD Oil, but I can’t comment on the lower back pain as we only use the oil to rub into the skin, but I think it would help heal any soft tissue damage and help inflammation which should reduce your pain. Good luck.

  7. Does it stay an ominous on bank statements for debit visa?

  8. Hi also what is the strongest highest yielding strain for indoor 8-9 wk flower. Also is there a good all rounder high yielded and something that can handle the heat higher than average for summer indoor?

  9. Do you deliver over the ditch?

  10. looking for a hardy growing outdoor variety, preferably with autoflower genes (short grow time). What do you recommend?

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