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  1. Hi there experienced growers have been using a good indoor all-round high yield ind strain called white widow/big bud.This strain is good for outdoors in hot dry central Australian condition and is a low to moderate smelling strain.No where near as strong smelling as a jackherrer say.But been having problems two years in a row with the plant triggering too early.Planted in September and going into flower at two to three foot tall in late October early November.Then reshooting into a disappointment.
    I am looking for a strain that’s not too smelly and will grow through to Feb to March before flowing at 6 to 10 feet tall.Have done this before with Jackherrer but the smell was ridiculous and was lucky to get it .
    Please can you help me with a larger growing and not early flowing low smelling stain.But not too much on the sativa side if possible.

  2. What the best cannabis strain or shroom strain to use to help with ear drum rupture pain from Wednesdays dive ?

  3. How long for the payment to come out thanks

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