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Hunting and Identifying Magic Mushrooms in Australia

Hunting and Identifying Magic Mushrooms in Australia is a fun hobby with huge rewards. Just make sure you seek out to find your shroomies when it’s the right season.

Identifying magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can look like every day, ordinary mushrooms. So, it is important to identify any mushrooms you collect. There are many poisonous varieties. Australia has many species of magic mushies that are easily mistaken for poisonous ones that can cause death.

Synthetic Psilocybin

You can buy magic mushies dried in capsules and there is a synthetic form of the psilocybin. It’s a white crystalline powder and it’s used for making tablets and capsules. You can also use it dissolved in water.


Hunting and Identifying Magic Mushrooms in Australia


Australia has at least 30 species of magic mushrooms. The most common in Australia blue meanies, gold tops and liberty caps. We have many articles to read. We hope you enjoy them all.


4 comments on “Hunting and Identifying Magic Mushrooms in Australia
  1. Anyone know we’re I can find blue meanies or gold caps in or near port Douglas far North Queensland

  2. I’m keen to gather some mushrooms in hobart. I’ve only picked liberty caps in the uk and don’t want to pick the wrong ones. do Australian L caps look the same?

  3. Hi , I live in northern Adelaide, I have had mushrooms for 25 yrs every now and then. I wouldn’t mind procuring some of my own rather than Ask around and…. ?. So “WILL ANYONE HELP ME TO FIND ANY GOOD AREAS AND TIMES OF YEAR TO GO. I WOULD BE APPRECIATIVE! !.

  4. Good read, I am getting my gear ready to go “identifying” today. I hope to run into a few people in the woods to share some mushroom tea!

    Happy hunting

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