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Gold Tops

Gold Tops Australian Psilocybe Cubensis

In Australia you find Gold tops (Psilocybe cubensis) only in New South Wales and Victoria. Aussie mushroom spores can see floating around from Spring through Summer. This is when golden cap spores season runs. They enjoy a temperate climate with a temperature in a consistent mid-20s. They really start to flourish after the first heavy summer rains.

Gold Tops Can Be Highly Potent Shrooms

These medium to high potency mushrooms have a large growing a cap of up to 20 cm. As the yellowy white to dark brown coloured cap matures its cap is grows flat or becomes uplifted. It becomes covered in thick purple coloured golden cap spores.

Identifying Australian Gold Tops

Identifying Australian gold tops. Its surface is often moist to the touch and it has white flesh that leaves a blue stain. The veil can remain attached to the stem and covered in purple spores. Golden cap spores are one of the locals most favourite spores to grow from.


golden cap spores


The gold top’s stem is yellowy white and swells towards the bottom of the stem. Its stem can be hollow and turns a blue/green colour when damaged. The gold top is easy to recognise by the huge gold top and its veil.

Where to Hunt Australian Gold Top Shroomies

Found: The gold top is only found in New South Wales and Queensland from Spring through Summer. It grows in manure and areas composted with manure. You can usually find gold tops in cow paddocks. If you have no luck finding any during your mushroom hunt, you can always purchase our Aussie mushroom spores. They come as a syringe or spore print.

Australian Gold Top Dosage

How much to take: You need a lot of fresh gold tops when picking them in the wild and eating them fresh. When you eat them straight away from the ground, it takes a lot to get the hallucinogenic experience. But, when they are grown in controlled conditions, they are much stronger. When grown in this environment they can produce intense and sometimes disturbing visions. When using dried mushrooms, the quantity an experienced shroomer needs depends on whether they came from the wild (3 to 5 grams) or a controlled environment (1 to 2 grams).

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    It’s been nearly 50 years since my last dalliance with gold tops at 17. I am well overdue for another fling. I would like DIY medium of some sort. Thanks.

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    in my experience any cow fields where there are cow plops, in cool weather the morning after a rainy night, you should have no trouble at all in finding gold tops.

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    i dont know if anyone still uses this page but could someone from Sydney please let me know where to find em, im around northern beaches way. id be stoked to meet up with someone who knows anything and we could go for a look together.

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    These are everywhere right now in NSW if you know where to look

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