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Finding Magic Mushrooms Australia

Magic Mushroom hunting in Australia gets you into nature for good excerice. It’s fun and educational. You’ll have a difficult finding magic mushrooms in Australia if you don’t know where and when to look.

Finding Magic Mushrooms Australia

Magic mushrooms show their heads in the aftermath of rains when the air warms up. They grow on the ground in wood chips and twigs, and in bushland areas. Shade loving varieties hide away in the grass. Keep your eyes concentrated on the ground when looking for magic mushrooms. Some typical growing areas include:

  • Near waterways where there is a lot of fallen tree debris and wood chips on the ground.
  • On the sides of paths in forest and parkland areas where there are bark chips.
  • In mulch used in parks and garden beds.
  • Tall grass where there is a lot of twig and leaf debris scattered on ground.
  • On the ground of pine forests in the pine needles.
  • In areas where there are tall trees and ferns with a lot of natural debris littering the ground.


Picking Magic Mushrooms Australia

Do not pick magic mushrooms when they are small. When the mushroom matures, the cap opens and exposes its fleshy underside to the world. Let them grow so they get a chance to drop their spores to regenerate next season. Different types of magic mushrooms have different appearances. Make sure you know what you are doing.

Pick magic mushrooms by cutting them at the base of the stalk. Leave the roots behind so they can continue to grow. Pinch the stem to bruise it and it will turn blue/black within 15 minutes if it contains psilocybin. Store them in a paper bag. Plastic bags will make your mushrooms sweat and they will disintegrate to mush.

Remember, as soon as you pick a magic mushroom you are considered to be in possession of a Class A drug. In the eyes of the law. This is the same as possessing heroin or crack. When you go mushroom hunting, ensure you have a cover story for being out and about. It could be a great way to take you dog out for a walk.


96 comments on “Finding Magic Mushrooms Australia
  1. Michael NSW

    You can find the right dose by using a dosage calculator or better yet, just start small and add more every hours slowly to take extra precautions. Make a weekend out of it.

  2. Graham

    HI my name is Graham.I suffer from depression and anxiety. I think microdosing the right amount will and does help. I am wanting to talk to like minded people to share interesting info on depression and micro dosing. Please reply

    • craig

      Hi mate I suffer from major depression and post traumatic stress. I believe Mushrooms can help ..but is working for me not sure how it will go with others. I have used them for a short period of time. My dosage was high for the first time 15 grams then smaller doses about 2-3 grams. Apart from the vivid colourful sights I saw I went deep into my own mind to open up an avenue that I could cope. The result was so dramatic and positive and lasted a good month without side effects unlike prescribed drugs which don’t make you feel happy just numb of feelings. Good luck with whatever choice you make and be careful you use the species that is safe do your research. Take care friend

      • steve

        hey bro how do we get these mushrooms can you please contact me i have major depression and anxiety i been told magic mushroom are really good where can i get these please…

    • Jay

      How much do u micro dose cause I have no idea, and I wanna go easy for my first time

    • sheryl green

      Hi Graham I was suffering depression pretty bad, even having suicidal thoughts,(which i would never follow thru with i dont want to hurt my family). I started taking mushrooms just 1 a day but you must try put yourself in a happy state 1st,If you take it if your angry or sad it will feed on it & make it worse. So what i would do is wake up make my bed do something that will make you relax like breathing exercises I would juggle balls it makes u laugh & puts u in a good mood,and it tricks the left side of the brain.Or maybe watch a comedian on youtube.

      I did this for 3 or 4 days then i would take a 2-day break. I will admit i did try taking a few more than a microdose & it was very helpful, I can’t explain why, I guess it is like rewiring the brain it has changed my whole way of looking at life, I’m very happy now, & when i think back to those suicidal thoughts i was blown away at how low i was. I dont have any left so i am still foraging for more. But this needs to be made legal. Good luck i hope you have tried micro dosing by now. I wish you happiness & bliss

  3. Dan

    Im looking for magic mushrooms to help me out from depression. Has anyone else had any luck over the long term micro-dosing or taking larger amounts all the time? Depression really sucks, but I want to make sure that I don’t make it worse. I’d be keen to speak to someone that was prescribed shroomies medically for depression.

  4. Val

    I am looking for mushroom in Melbourne VIC, any recommendation?

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