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Finding Magic Mushrooms Australia

Magic Mushroom hunting in Australia gets you into nature for good excerice. It’s fun and educational. You’ll have a difficult finding magic mushrooms in Australia and New Zealand if you don’t know where and when to look.

Finding Magic Mushrooms Australia & New Zealand

Magic mushrooms show their heads in the aftermath of rains when the air warms up. They grow on the ground in wood chips and twigs, and in bushland areas. Shade loving varieties hide away in the grass. Keep your eyes concentrated on the ground when looking for magic mushrooms in nz. Some typical growing areas include:

  • Near waterways where there is a lot of fallen tree debris and wood chips on the ground.
  • On the sides of paths in forest and parkland areas where there are bark chips.
  • In mulch used in parks and garden beds.
  • Tall grass where there is a lot of twig and leaf debris scattered on ground.
  • On the ground of pine forests in the pine needles.
  • In areas where there are tall trees and ferns with a lot of natural debris littering the ground.


Picking Magic Mushrooms Australia

Do not pick magic mushrooms when they are small. When the mushroom matures, the cap opens and exposes its fleshy underside to the world. Let them grow so they get a chance to drop their spores to regenerate next season. Different types of magic mushrooms have different appearances. Make sure you know what you are doing.

Pick magic mushrooms by cutting them at the base of the stalk. Leave the roots behind so they can continue to grow. Pinch the stem to bruise it and it will turn blue/black within 15 minutes if it contains psilocybin. Store them in a paper bag. Plastic bags will make your mushrooms sweat and they will disintegrate to mush.

Remember, as soon as you pick a magic mushroom you are considered to be in possession of a Class A drug. In the eyes of the law. This is the same as possessing heroin or crack. When you go mushroom hunting, ensure you have a cover story for being out and about. It could be a great way to take you dog out for a walk.


321 comments on “Finding Magic Mushrooms Australia
  1. Molly Mushrooms

    Reading these comments it makes me sad so many of you are having issues sourcing fungi!

    Check out the Atlas Of Living Australia!
    It’s a great starting point.
    There’s not a lot of identified locations however, but it’s as good as you’ll find unless you find someone in your region to take you hunting.

    Many psychonauts don’t share find locations for obvious reasons so it can be tricky to find that info.
    The Atlas gives you a good idea of what might be in your area at least.

    Ideally you’d have someone who knows what they’re looking for with you but that’s not always possible. Find out about the substrate materials, what other things might be growing around the fungi – anything that will help you narrow your search.

    Research as much as you can about identifying what you’re looking for.
    Do the same for things you don’t want to be eating either.
    Galerina are tricky little buggers, growing all over the place and looking similar to psilocybe. Don’t eat those!

    Happy Hunting to all you future psychonauts 🙂

  2. Matty

    hi Maddi,the drug is a friend take moderatlly and also not over long period,Respect! Regards Matty

  3. Maddi

    Hi, I’m really hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction either going mushroom hunting with me in the hunter or tell me where I would be able to get my own spores to grow my own. Have been suffering with server depression since 14 and after recent research I’m hoping this will be able to assist.

    • Paul

      Hey Maddi,
      What area do you live? Depending on where you are will depend on what time of year to pick. In colder areas you find them in winter and warmer areas, say north of sydney at this time of year nov-april .. I live on the north coast of nsw and have just found the first ones for the season this week.. Cheers, Paul

      • Jim

        Hi Paul,

        I am on the mid north Coast NSW, Do you know of areas they may be common to find here?? hoping to have a scout around over the coming weeks.



      • Katie

        Hi Paul, I’m on the North Coast and looking for some help if you’d be happy to give it. I’m in Ballina/Lennox area, though don’t know how we contact each other through this site.

      • Sarah

        Hi Paul, do you live anywhere near Byron bay? I would be interested in finding out more about the mushrooms in the area

      • Jamie

        Does anyone happen to know where to look in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne? Preferably around Bundoora or Greensborough

    • Nic

      Hey Maddi,

      How did u go any luck?

    • Bree

      Maddie if you are in Qld I can come with you !

  4. Luis

    Hello looking to get some mushies for microdosing, I am in Centennial Park area – Sydney, Is anybody around that can provide some?
    I used to buy from a website but they do not have the product anymore.
    Any suggestions or options ?


  5. dundas

    can someone get me in contact with someone who can sell me mushies?

  6. Antidot

    Depression whole life. Is anyone north of Grampians who can help with locations to pick please? Thanks.

    • IDK

      Has this post closed? I’d like to grow my own or get a few grams each year for some inward exploration. I’m a long term meditator.

  7. Rikx

    Hey guys.. I’m interested in growing some for medicinal purposes and to get off the pharma ssri.. can anyone help me out with a spore source in Australia?

  8. kye

    Love to go for a walk with somebody in Brisbane, but I really don’t know where to search!
    Any hints, maps, or walking partners? I only promise good company.

  9. Inika

    Yes. I’m keen. Let’s get this started.

  10. Sam

    I just want to buy some my man, I’m sick of breaking my ass tryna grow these. Newtown area.

  11. Robbie

    In Brisbane region suffering from ptsd and have read about how psilocyban can help overcome depression, anxiety and ptsd. Unsure where to find them. Can anybody help please

  12. Lu

    Hi, Can anyone just sell me some mushrooms?

    • Easy

      My friend I can help you I am in Victoria we will never meet. I have a variety of mushrooms but I’m more into those seeds business I have hundreds of different types and varieties of cannabis Autobarn feministic an Australian big bud interested I only deal with mobile phone we can never meet and payment must be made before postage all courier service will be used to deliver your product hey what the hell you must learn to trust by small to begin off with then you will see do I run a trustworthy underground company to help with people that are in pain they can’t take everyday medication for me chemist I’ll just want natural remedies I have a variety of different methods of pain mushrooms you like to call them well you’re good way of psychiatry they’re a good way of releasing in 1/4 and getting over past problems post medic stress disorders childhood trauma so on and so on in your right hands these are amazing in the wrong hands they can be

    • Ethan

      Looking to buy some or some L. Help a brother out

    • Flori

      How to connect with you, I’m in pain

    • James

      Alright g whats the number in need of some

  13. Nick

    I am a 74 y.o. male struggled with depression most of my life, hoping to find someone in my area, Warwick/Stanthorpe to show me the way of finding the shrooms in nature and how to go about using them

  14. Matt Sykes

    Hi, I’m seeking person/s interested in joining myself On the hunt in Sydney inner outer region also travel willing Northern Nsw. I’m driving, pretty simple, just need to lick down the buddy plan. The more minds the better, apply within!
    whats app or txt
    I’m Matt and i need your help plz.

  15. SP

    Looking for locations in Adelaide depression and anxiety sufferer want to look into microdosing

  16. Nick

    West Melbourne located, looking for mush and DMT, can anyone help

  17. Tony

    Do magic mushrooms grow in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria? If yes, when is the best time to find them and what do they look like?

  18. Steve

    Hi I’m looking to purchase from Penrith area. Please help

  19. Alan

    Why can I not buy every time I press the purchase now I get sent to an American site with very expensive product?what am I doing wrong?

  20. mark johnstone

    mushrooms the goldtops that i have picked lots of..we got a shopping bag bs…here is the spot i came across it going canoueing..glenelg river victoria…camp spot pines landing…damp wet and masive pine plantion next to it ..i ve had a crack at it but not for me…ive told a lost friend about the spot and hes setout to exploit it so …i know the clame of a shopping bag sound bs …get there and you see…great spot fishing there and camp spots along the river …about 60km from portland and 70 from mt gambier…so people sa shut down so he cant rape the spot for his gain so go hard..i havent seen on any map locations that thay are there so chalk it up..good picking.

  21. Angus Beaton

    Been hunting like mad but no luck. Anyone in The hills know where to look?

  22. PeterBee

    Anyone know where to find them round Melbourne?

  23. Steve

    Would love to learn to grow my own year round from a spore print. If anyone has any success, please message me.

  24. wally

    Want to buy some mushrooms in Sydney

  25. Kyla

    Hi there, in Sydney. Please message me if you can help me out

  26. Shay

    Want to buy some mushrooms in Newcastle

  27. Jonno k

    Looking for mushrooms for microdosing on the sunshine coast. Anyone lend a hand?

  28. Peter

    Living in Wollongong and wanting to trial micro-dosing for a month.

    • Kevin

      I’m looking for them for the exact same reason. I’m in Wollongong also. I’m willing to buy them now I think.

  29. Will

    haha there’s a nice damp bushy walk track behind my house and there’s loads of mushies might check them tomorrow see if they psilocybin by pinching the stems!

    • Dee

      will… will you help a lass out?? haha
      That will be awesome, if your willing hahaha sorry bruh, had to be done !

  30. Samuel Ramsey

    Sydney and Wollongong. Buying mushrooms any time. Hit me uppppopooppppppp

  31. Teagan

    Brisbane/sunshine/gold coast. Looking to buy/pick pls let me know 🙂

  32. Bezzy

    Anyone know of any areas in Newcastle please… happy to go on a hunt with new people if you want to come along as well

  33. Jess

    Looking to buy some mushrooms. Live in Geelong, or if you know what area I could find some?.

  34. Eric

    Ipswich QLD. Please DM me if you know any spots nearby.

  35. George Xu

    Can anyone suggest anywhere to find near north shore suburb of Sydney ?

  36. Jay

    Have been looking around melbourne and am struggling to find.

  37. nangangel

    Hi everyone,
    I think it is the right time to start looking for subs… Any good spots around Adelaide, South Australia someone could point me towards?
    Thanks in advance

  38. Benji

    Anyone from Townsville that has any good locations?

  39. Rick

    Anyone know if tassie has anything going on?

  40. matthew lambert

    Hell everyone – a depression sufferer here. Would anyone know where to find golden tops or other mushies in the Inverloch Cape Paterson area in Victoria? I’ve been looking around Inverloch near tea-tree and pine tree clusters near the coast and around the creeks but no luck so far. Have used before so I know what to do. Cheers all.

  41. Penny Bride

    Been meditating with Sam Harris for a while now. Desperately seeking mushrooms in Melbourne Victoria. I’m ready. How do i source them?

  42. Louis

    Good areas around Dandenong Ranges Melbourne?

  43. Stewart

    Wollongong area tips?

  44. Casey

    Im in Canberra south side looking for mushrooms spores or even good mushroom hunting places since its the season

  45. faye

    Hi . I am in Port Stephens and wondered if anyone knows of a good spot for doing some mushroom hunting?

  46. Jade

    Hi, im new to mushroom picking and i was wondering which sorts grow around Sydney area, and if anyone has any advice?
    thankyouuuu in advance

  47. nswmaintteam

    I’m located on the Central Coast, if anyone knows any decent tracks or rivers to check out for a beginner/noob hunter please let me know.

  48. Dave

    Hi in Sydney anyone got any leads on spores thanks

  49. Josh

    Im on the Gold Coast if anyone knows good spots or wants to find some/go hunting with me.

  50. Yousuf

    Hey I’m looking for mushrooms to use for self improvment in small doses. Where can I find, anyone have any leads? cheers

  51. mitchell bogg

    my email is {} at

    • Scott

      Hi , I am new to Wollongong and would like to start growing mushrooms indoors. Is there anyone in the area I can connect with the help getting started? Particularly help finding spores.

  52. Emz

    Looking for {edit} around Brisbane/Gold Coast/ Northern NSW?
    Anyone know of any good spots to {edit} or are willing to {edit} in these areas? I am happy to swap my services… {edit} etc

  53. mitchell bogg

    Hi i am living in toowoomba queensland and am wanting to get in touch with someone who can sell me {} or somewhere i can pick them myself if anybody has an anwser please email me

  54. Mal

    Looking for mushies Gold Coast/Byron way please

  55. Bradley

    I am from maroochydore sunshine coast where would the best place to look be?

    • Chester

      Hi please DM me. Seeking mushrooms. Brisbane. Gold Coast. Sunny Coast… just anywhere really.

    • Michael

      If there is still cow paddocks out the back of meridian plains behind the school at caloundra then go out there after rain. I’d say it would be all houses these days but back in the day down the dirt road behind the school and across the creek used to be the best mushroom paddock I’ve ever seen. 4 of us left with a shopping Bag full each and there was still plenty left. We would head out there all the time after rain.

    • Sharon

      I am from Maroochydore as well, if you find a place let me know! I might go to konadlila national park or somewhere like that

    • Bree

      Did you hear of any places ? I’m in Pomona !

  56. Shez

    I am looking for mushrooms in victoria, can anybody help please

  57. steve

    im seeking magic mushrooms can someone tell me where to get them please im from perth

  58. Mary Jane

    For fellow suffers of depression, anxiety and all the other dogs, here’s a link to an informative article by Dr James Fadiman on the best schedule for micro dosing:
    I also highly recommended you purchase his book The Psychedelic Explorer’s Journey.
    You shouldn’t be “tripping” with your doeses. It affects a positive mood and disposition. Research research research before you enter into this.

  59. Michael NSW

    You can find the right dose by using a dosage calculator or better yet, just start small and add more every hours slowly to take extra precautions. Make a weekend out of it.

  60. Liz

    Suffering from anxiety and am looking to find some mushies asap. Would love a contact

  61. Graham

    HI my name is Graham.I suffer from depression and anxiety. I think microdosing the right amount will and does help. I am wanting to talk to like minded people to share interesting info on depression and micro dosing. Please reply

    • craig

      Hi mate I suffer from major depression and post traumatic stress. I believe Mushrooms can help ..but is working for me not sure how it will go with others. I have used them for a short period of time. My dosage was high for the first time 15 grams then smaller doses about 2-3 grams. Apart from the vivid colourful sights I saw I went deep into my own mind to open up an avenue that I could cope. The result was so dramatic and positive and lasted a good month without side effects unlike prescribed drugs which don’t make you feel happy just numb of feelings. Good luck with whatever choice you make and be careful you use the species that is safe do your research. Take care friend

      • steve

        hey bro how do we get these mushrooms can you please contact me i have major depression and anxiety i been told magic mushroom are really good where can i get these please…

      • Lachy

        Any good huntingg places within a day of brissy? Cheers guys

    • Jay

      How much do u micro dose cause I have no idea, and I wanna go easy for my first time

    • sheryl green

      Hi Graham I was suffering depression pretty bad, even having suicidal thoughts,(which i would never follow thru with i dont want to hurt my family). I started taking mushrooms just 1 a day but you must try put yourself in a happy state 1st,If you take it if your angry or sad it will feed on it & make it worse. So what i would do is wake up make my bed do something that will make you relax like breathing exercises I would juggle balls it makes u laugh & puts u in a good mood,and it tricks the left side of the brain.Or maybe watch a comedian on youtube.

      I did this for 3 or 4 days then i would take a 2-day break. I will admit i did try taking a few more than a microdose & it was very helpful, I can’t explain why, I guess it is like rewiring the brain it has changed my whole way of looking at life, I’m very happy now, & when i think back to those suicidal thoughts i was blown away at how low i was. I dont have any left so i am still foraging for more. But this needs to be made legal. Good luck i hope you have tried micro dosing by now. I wish you happiness & bliss

  62. Dan

    Im looking for magic mushrooms to help me out from depression. Has anyone else had any luck over the long term micro-dosing or taking larger amounts all the time? Depression really sucks, but I want to make sure that I don’t make it worse. I’d be keen to speak to someone that was prescribed shroomies medically for depression.

  63. Val

    I am looking for mushroom in Melbourne VIC, any recommendation?

  64. cally

    any tips for looking around southside of brisbane? or any contacts mushies are too damn scarce

  65. Hayden

    Magic mushrooms around North East Vic, heard there are lots around Beechworth, still possible to find some!?

  66. John doe

    Looking for magic mushies in rocky any tips

  67. Kyle Cionci

    Looking for magic mushrooms in Sydney, willing to pick up for $$$

    • Ian

      I have picked approx 20 in shire area they make a great cup o tea.

      • Sean

        Hi Ian I’m in Engadine was wondering where to find them as i listen to Jordan Peterson talking about there great effects for depression. Please help if you can cheers

        Cheers Mate.

  68. boi

    looking for shrooms on the gold coast can pick up, will pay for delivery though

  69. Kris

    Looking around the Orange NSW area any help much appreciated

    • Tim

      Hi kris,

      Did you have any luck finding some in the orange area? I am an hour north of orange and am also interested in finding some mushies.

  70. sean migraine

    if anyone had some dried mushrooms i would be forever greatful,i have massive cluster migraines and have been told that shrooms can stop a migraine midway and break the cycle also..thankyou in advance…

  71. Konrad

    Hey any good places to go mushroom hunting in Newcastle?

  72. Morty

    Hey, guys, I live in Canberra and are wanting to go mushroom picking this season can anyone tell me what types of mushrooms grow and where I can find them in the brindi mountains ??? just recently moved here and not a lot of Canberrans out there mushroom picking, would help a lot thanks !!!!!!!

  73. Morty

    Looking to buy mushrooms or go picking with anyone around Canberra

    email me if you can help me go picking thanks.

    • Callum

      Me too actually, I live in Canberra and am keen to give mushroom picking a go but want to know what I’m doing first…
      Would love it if someone could take me out and show me what to look for.

  74. Heather Tonkin

    Anybody know areas in Ballarat or Western District? Anyone looking for fellow gatherer?

  75. Rodney Harrison

    Where can I find mushrooms around Killcare?

  76. Juan

    Anyone got any good locations around the western suburbs of Melbourne? Thanks.

  77. Lauren

    In North Brisbane, picked mushrooms in cow pats. Can anyone give me more information on other mushies to pick? We have lots of wood chips near our home. And it’s been rainy hot weather the last couple of weeks

  78. David

    Where abouts in Wollongong is there shrooms☺️

  79. Cam

    Brand new to this are there any tips ? And any good locations in adellaide ?

  80. Nexer

    Anyone got good locations around Melbournes North and Month recommendations?

    All I’m familiar with is the Merri Creek

  81. Zeke

    Looking for someone to go picking with. i know a few spots from other people who say they pick there around Gold Coast. Never done it before but know what to be looking for.

  82. Clappo

    Hey just moved to Sydney can any one tell me if there shrooms at picton or that a myth if not what other locations please

  83. Jays

    Hey kiddos. Wondering if anyone knew where abouts in Sydney, nothern beaches had the mushies located xoxo

  84. geavybaby

    looking to purchase mushrooms around sydney area

  85. Kevo

    Any located in Perth at the moment?

  86. David

    I’m hunting mushrooms near Ipswich as well. Heads up would be mad.

  87. Stephen

    Any areas please between rainbow beach and Gympie ??????

  88. Dylan Hodge

    Anyone around brisbane know where to get any? message me

  89. Hemingway

    Anyone near ipswich queensland know of mushrooms around???

  90. Adrian

    Hey I’m interested in mushrooms and I’m based in Adelaide, would someone be interested in contacting me on Wickr? My name is []

  91. Jim Bob

    I live around Mornington peninsula/ Frankston.. Want some shrooms

  92. David

    Hi guys im based in Melbourne looking for some info on shrooms contact me on wickr

  93. Thy

    Anyone know where to find mushrooms in Tasmania?

  94. Peter Turner

    I have previously found shrooms in a cow paddock at Young’s Crossing near Petrie in Brisbane’s North.

  95. Les broc

    Does anyone know where to find mushrooms in Byron bay??

  96. Bobbins

    Hi guys, looking to buy magic mushrooms for medical purposes or have transport and can help a guide. Im around byron bay. contact at safe/encrypted email: []
    thanks guys and stay safe

  97. Jase

    Hi, can anyone help for picking in Brisbane?? Happy to travel or supply transport and help pick!! Contact me ASAP as it’s almost the season for it!

  98. Tyson

    Where can i find mushrooms growing in northern Nsw

  99. PerthWA

    I’m after some information on magic mushroom’s(where’s to find, how to identify) very new to this, keen for spiritual reasons. But I’m after a mentor(?) because there’s not much info available, obviously, but I want to make sure I’m getting the right stuff and staying safe.. cheers!
    I’m in Perth, WA , any info is greatly appreciated!

  100. Jordo

    Anyone picked or know when the perfect time to pick in nundle state Forrest, nsw?

  101. Richard

    Hello i am after the right mushroom for a spiritual trip… can i get any pics of the good safe ones

  102. Jarreth

    Anyone know where to find shrokms around my. Gambier ?

  103. Jamie

    Can you help me. I am a cluster head ache suffer and want to buy some mushrooms . I am in Sydney

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