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315 comments on “Q & A
  1. What is auto fem mean

  2. Hi
    Read though almost all qa but still not sure which product should I pick

    Live in bris so will be warm almost all year
    Can you please recommend products for
    1.lower back pain
    2.able to make CBD oil
    3.easy to grow indoor ( garage )and keep supply to make cbd oil

    Should I buy feminized or normal or auto flowering or ?

    Appreciate your help


  3. Does it stay an ominous on bank statements for debit visa?

  4. Hi also what is the strongest highest yielding strain for indoor 8-9 wk flower. Also is there a good all rounder high yielded and something that can handle the heat higher than average for summer indoor?

  5. Do you deliver over the ditch?

  6. looking for a hardy growing outdoor variety, preferably with autoflower genes (short grow time). What do you recommend?

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