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  1. Is this legit? How long is Perth shipping? Is this a ‘buy at your own risk’ thing?

    • Fast shipping to all major cities. Deliveries deep into the bush will take an extra 1-3 days. All orders have a 100% worries-free delivery guarantee.

  2. Hello, good day. I would like to ask if you could provide us a kilo of Gutha wheat for research purposes? If not, where do you think I could buy them?

    Thank you.

  3. Can i make a small purchase first to see if i get them before making a big one

  4. For the breeder:

    I’m growing stealth outdoors so need shorter, more discrete plant with low/no odor. Effects cannot be paranoid or sleepy. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. G’Day mates. I can’t sort through all you’re strains because you’ve got too many choices. I’m looking for something with more CBD than THC, can you narrow down my choices?

  6. My seed arrived but they came with 5 extra Carameliscous seeds that are feminized. I didn’t order these, dod you send me someone else’s order by mistake?

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