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  1. I have a orthostatic tremor and severe back pain what strains would you recomend

    • An orthostatic tremor is a very rare and frustrating condition. It’s best to see what works best for you by trying Indica’s, Sativa’s and a hybrid of the two. The problem with Indica is its tiring effects.

      You’ll need an indica that relieves stress and body pain but not make you too tired. The Cheese strain will help you with the pain. Pot of Gold Feminized Strain is 30% sativa and might be a good fit for you. You can also try Caramelicious. I hope that helps answer your question. If you can provide specific details of you’re struggles, I might be able to provide a more accurate and detailed response.

      *Disclaimer* *Please consult with you doctor as I cannot prescribe you medication.

  2. Hello,
    is this real domestic shipping ?

    • Orders are processed in Europe where legal, then your local postie delivers your order within Australia.

      • Ordering seeds in Australia was easy. I just paid using my credit card in Amsterdam and a couple days later, the local Sydney Postie dropped off my package of seeds and freebies. This is a legit seed bank mates.

  3. I only require the plant to stop pain from migraines. What is the best form of marijuana for this. Don’t wish for a ” high”

  4. Come on, come on. What do you charge for shipping and do you accept debit cards.

  5. you guys send to nz?

  6. how many feminised seeds do i need to grow 10 female plants?

  7. G’day mates.

    Last night was the first time I sampled my harvest. Best herb I ever did try. The strain I grew up was Aussie Blues.

    My question is long can I store the poolen from the male plants for? I want to breed my own cross with Aussie Blues and Pot of Gold.

    Wentworth Falls

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