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Australian Federal government relaxes importing laws for medicinal marijuana

Australian Federal government relaxes importing laws for medicinal marijuana

Australian Federal government relaxes importing laws for medicinal marijuana. While Australian domestic cultivation of medical cannabis became legal in 2016, patients have trouble accessing a supply. Changes to importation laws allow Australian patients access to medicinal cannabis within 8 weeks.

Australian Federal Government relaxes importing laws medicinal marijuana

This is an interim measure until Australian production can meet demand. Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said approved importers could buy medicinal cannabis products overseas to import into Australia for sale…

Get License Grow Medical Cannabis Australia

How to get a license to grow medical cannabis in Australia

Get license grow medical cannabis Australia. Now that Australian legislators have paved the way to a $75 billion plus industry, medical cannabis providers can apply for a license to grow medical cannabis. Australia has taken a different road to the US by legalising medical cannabis on a federal level and leaving it to the states to take their own approach. This is the opposite of the US where it is the states’ leading the way.

Medicinal cannabis regulation

There are multiple government cannabis regulators. Australia’s Office of Drug Control (ODC) deals with the licences and permits for growing and producing cannabis for medical reasons. Its role is to ensure medical cannabis is not diverted to other purposes other than what the licence or permit granted stipulates.

Get License Grow Medical Cannabis Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates the quality and access to cannabis products. The TGA and ODC are sections of the Australian Government Department of Health. Together they form the Health Products Regulation Group.

Get License Grow Medical Cannabis Australia and Print Your Own Money

Australia’s federal government is solely responsible for medical cannabis cultivation and production. They leave it to the states and territories to jointly regulate cannabis products and patient access to them. So far Victoria and New South Wales have changed their legislation to allow for medical cannabis trials. Queensland has legislation in progress to legalise medical cannabis…

Kronic Synthetic Cannabis Australia

Synthetic Cannabis Australia

Kronic synthetic cannabis. Kronic in name, and Kronic in nature. This entirely synthetic form of cannabis can be a ticking time bomb of death. Also, known commercially as Kaos, K2, Northern Lights, Voodoo, Marley, Mango Kush and Spice. It is illegal to manufacture, distribute, sell or use synthetic cannabis anywhere in Australia.

Pharmaceutical Cannabis

Pharmaceutical cannabis became popular when it was legal in Australia. Manufacturers were trying to outsmart Australia’s cannabis laws by producing a legal chemical version. Synthetic cannabis was a good replacement for natural cannabis. With reports of its negative effects, synthetic cannabis soon made it onto the banned drugs list on Schedule 9.

Synthetic Cannabis

What is Kronic?

Kronic is one of many names for synthetic cannabis. Dried plant matter sprayed with chemicals imitate the high from smoking natural cannabis. The cannabis plant produces natural cannabinoids with the most well-known being THC. It is the THC that produces the natural high cannabis is famous for. Synthetic cannabis functions in the same way as the natural version. The high produced is chemical using an unpredictable mix chemicals…

Australian Cannabis Police Busts Methods

Australian Cannabis Police Busts Methods

Australian cannabis police busts methods often change. Well known research shows that Australia has the highest per capita use of cannabis in the world. So Police are active. This makes Australia attractive to international crime syndicates keen to cash in on the demand. Much of the profits from cannabis sales goes to fund smuggling other drugs like heroin and ice into the country. Australian cannabis police bust methods have to vary to reflect importers’ changing methods.

Australian Cannabis Busts

Catching drug runners is no easy thing, so the Australian cannabis police busts methods can get intimidating. It is challenging, especially when Australia is the grips of an ice epidemic. So, police have to use any method. This was seen in one bust of a major syndicate culminated in 13 raids in grow houses over four months. It netted 2800 plants and 25 kg of dried weed seized, along with ice, cocaine and heroin. The total haul worth more than $10 million…